by Orange-1

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All music composed, played, recorded, mixed and

mastered by Hans-Jörg Lorenz

Coverart: Hans-Jörg Lorenz


released April 9, 2011



all rights reserved


Orange-1 Bad Berneck, Germany

Hi Friends! Here we go! I am
Orange-1 (Hans-Jörg Lorenz) a studied drummer, musician, artist from Bayreuth (Bad Berneck), Bavaria, Germany! Enjoy and have fun!:-)

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Track Name: Silvermoon
It was a warm summernight! I was sitting in my room. Suddenly there was a feeling of warmth & friendlyness running down my spine! Like the touch of an angel.
Oh, Silvermoon! Oh, Silvermoon!
Oh, Silvermoon! Oh, Silvermoon!
I turned around & looked outside!
There was the moon shining bright! His light came down,
like a string of silver! Beauty you can´t describe!
Oh, Silvermoon!...................
Track Name: Did You Ever
Did you ever see the beauty of a stone?
Did you ever see the stars shining bright?
Did you ever lie in the snow in a moonlit winternight?
Did you ever see the light shining bright?

Did you ever? Did you ever feel?
Did you ever? Did you ever see?

Did you ever sit at the grand lake?
Did you ever feel the summerheat at your skin?
Did you ever look at the water with halfclosed eyes?
It looks like it´s raining gold from the skies!

Did you ever? Did you ever feel?
Did you ever? Did you ever see?
Track Name: Do You Feel Good
You like to push people around! You hit them when they´re lying on the ground!
You always want the best for nothing!

Do you feel good?
Do you really feel good?

You cancel music & art out of life!
You make the highest a joke!
You make the artist work but you don´t pay him!
You say he should take thousand & don´t even pay hundredfifty!

Do you feel good?
Do you really .................

You tell me the artist don´t needs money!
He has the fun!
You take seventyfive for entrance & give the band threehundred!
You want to make me work in your school for
eighty bucks a month & smile in my face!

Do you feel good!
Do you really ................

You say I have something that I love & you do everything to destroy it!
That´s not nice!
You think you are the big one but you´re nothing at all!
I don´t wanna be in your shoes!

Do you feel good?
Do you really ................
Track Name: Delius Prime II
They told me there´s a city far beyond the galaxy! They call her Delius Prime! She´s in the middle of a golden nebula! When the sun goes down,
she shines in a million colours! Their bikes ride gravity waves! The trains drive lightspeed!
Do you come with me to Delius Prime? Oh! Come with me to Delius Prime!
Their coffee is the finest in the galaxy! The air is filled with all the scents of the universe! Their music is the best!
Her beauty makes you speechless! Did you ever drink wine from the outer rim? The engines are started! So won´t you come in? Let´´s take off & start the flight!
Do you come with me...........................